Ampersand Conference 2015- Friday 13th November • Brighton

To Hell For Type- Marcin Wichary • Notes by Becky Bramwell

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Marcin Wichary works for Medium, where his prime role is a Typographer. Medium is a writing platform, available on Web, IOS & Android, where people can sign up and write/share articles.

During his talk Marcin shared stories, experiences and solutions, extracting meaning out of them. A past experience can be seen below:

A member was trying to write an article in Polish but experienced problems as the polish S (Ś) didn't appear.

We have to ensure we cover all aspects of usability, so that our users can easily use our products. In this example, Medium needed to consider that its audience are worldwide and the alphabets used in other countries do not always follow the same conventions as American keyboards.

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