Ampersand Conference 2015- Friday 13th November • Brighton

Designing Pelican Books- Matthew Young • Notes by Becky Bramwell

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The online experience and physical paperback Pelican books were designed by Matthew Young. During his talk he discussed the topic Books Vs Ebooks and discovered the following.

Ebooks tend to imitate the layout, appearance and behaviour of their paperback printed version. However reading on screen provides a whole new user experience and comes with a number of limitations:

Text doesn't have a fixed layout

Some Pelican book covers
Some covers from the new style Pelican books.

How they support non-text information, including images, videos, maps, diagrams, tables etc.

The use of footnotes

Matthew also spoke about the appearance of the Pelican ebook.

With a regular book the user interacts with the cover each time they open and close the book, whereas in an ebook the cover is no longer required. In a Pelican ebook, the cover can be found throughout, as each chapter opens with a full coloured page which imitates the front cover of the regular book.

He advised that you shouldn't copy print books, but take features from them to provide the best user experience possible.

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